Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will Flynn Be in Tron 3? Kevin Flynn Tron 3

Greetings programs!

The question many programs are asking is will Kevin Flynn be in Tron 3? Well the answer is yes. Why? Well because he did not really die in Tron Legacy his soul and programming code lives on in the flash drive that he got saved to on Sam Flynn's flash drive. This is hard to understand but since he created the grid he is still maybe in spirit. But I believe he can be reconstructed and live on the Grid once again. I think once he is there he will have to help Quarra and Sam Flynn defeat Dillinger Jr. and the new reprogrammed MCP and save the Grid once and for all. If Dillinger Jr. wins then all freedom and peace will be lost from The Grid as well as the Real World. Dillinger Jr. and the new MCP want to do what CLU was not able to do in Tron Legacy.

I have a strong feeling Kevin Flynn is going to be in the new Tron 3 movie.

Also here is a special message from Master Control.

Message from MCP Tron 3 on Youtube



  1. I sincerely hope Kevin Flynn returns.

    1. Michael I must say I agree! I keep thinking about this every night. I even dreamed of Tron the other day.

      If one thing Flynn taught us is for sure is that it's "all in the wrist!".