Friday, July 31, 2015

Just heard the news Trom 3 is not happening!

I am very sad to hear Disney will not go on with the release of Tron 3. Tron Legacy was great, as was the event ElecTRONica in Disneyland. However why even make Tron Rides at some Disneylands if they don't plan to release the new film?

But Tron Lives on in our hearts and souls forever! Flynn Lives baby! And never forget it's all in the wrist!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My first written program! Kevin Flynn Lives 2015!

Oh yes programs! My first ever written program! And next will come some video games I will write! Time to start my own little enterprise and make a whole slew of em, and start my own little enterprise!

Well here is the first program I ever wrote. Let this be the start of something great! My first program ever written Kevin Flynn Lives 2015!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I have been working on art again and want to make an 80s game Tron style!

Yes programs you heard me right! I have been working on art once again. And I am writing a new video game program! Why ? Well because it's my destiny. I love video games and I know it's what I was born to do. There are many things I do online to get paid. But it seems they are just turning into real work. The point of working from home is to have fun while play! So making video games is the best way. I get to make, play, then sell my video games.

All it takes is one flappy bird or angry birds style game, and I can live any dream I want! Just remember! It's all in the wrist!!!

End of Line

Special Message from Master Control Program on Youtube! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tron 3 is called Ascension ?

I heard today on Tron Sector that the new Tron 3 movie is called Ascension. It sounds like a cool named, but a bit spiritual. Yet again Flynn in Tron Legacy was kind of spiritual doing his whole Zen thing man and meditation.

Well I hope that this film comes out very soon! I've been waiting for Tron 3 for a while. Tron is one of my passions and inspirations in life! I'll never forget those fun nights in some back room with my father and my friends! Watching the original Tron and playing video games like some spaceboy!

Special Message from Master Control Program on Youtube

So it finally begins I'm making my first video game. It's what Flynn would've wanted.

Special Message from Master Control Program on Youtube

Greetings Programs!
Of course Flynn Lives! Tron Lives. We must keep the legacy going on forever. I started this blog to share my love of the film Tron and Tron Legacy. But now the time has come to really follow in the foot steps of Flynn. I've played with blogging, writing, podcasting, and video blogging. But it's time to get serious where things can really start to get interesting and that is video game design! I have enough skills to get started. So now it will be time to simply get what I want in life and for for it!

Long live Tron. Long Live the Users! Time to write some good videos games and start my own little enterprise man. The days of Atari and NES great video games will return soon!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I still have pure source Sark doesn't know that. Tron World

Greetings programs. As I sit here late night I start to think that maybe Tron 3 will not come out soon. I thought it was going to come out in 2014. But then it never did. But I still watch Tron and Tron Legacy as well as play Battle Grids Wii on the Wii. It seems that maybe interest in tron is going away. I wanted to get some disc modded to keep glowing always.

However Tron will always live on. As programs will always create tron style art, decorations and other wonderful things related to the world of Tron. Flynn Lives. And the legend of Tron will live on forever.

But the question remains will we get Tron 3 in 2015. Only time can tell now programs. And the Master Control Program still wants that Chinese language program he asked for.

I grew up watching Tron long ago and it will always be one of the best films ever created. Long Live Tron! And long live the users!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tron 3 still coming out? Come on you Scuzzy Data be in there!

Well I hope the users are still out there. I haven't lost my faith in Tron 3 coming out. But I thought it was supposed to be this year. Yet I have not yet seen any new news about it. Come on you scuzzy data be in there.

Flynn Lives, Tron Lives but the programs really want this film to come out. Come on wait I need this film to come out soon. What do you all think? Is Tron 3 still coming out? Or did the whole project get scrapped?

I hope this is not the end. Either way Tron will live on forever!