Monday, May 1, 2017

Will Sark be in the new Tron Movie?

Greeting Programs! Well let's say the new Tron Movie will be a reboot. Here is the real question programs. Will Sark be in the new film? I think this is the real question all the programs really want to know! What do you think? I think if they do end up making it a reboot they need to have Sark in the film! End of Line

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tron Smart Bike that Lights up! Radical man!

Greetings programs! This is an awesome new smart bike that lights up ! I so want one to ride late night this summer. What do you think of it? I think it's pretty awesome man. Brings me to My Zen Thing!

It looks like the new Tron movie 2017 will be a reboot?

Greetings programs! I have been hearing from a few people that the new Tron movie coming out 2017 will be a reboot! A lot of the Tron fans are not to happy about this as we want a Tron 3!

But the only good news I think I have is that if TRON does happen, then we might we a Tron 3 after that! Perhaps the return of Tron Uprising? I hope so programs! Stay on the look out for more Tron news coming soon.

But let us never give up hope! I just wish they would bring back Jeff Bridges for the new Tron film.

End of Line

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What happened to Flynn after Tron Legacy Ended? Will we find out in the new Tron 2017 movie?

Where is Kevin Flynn? After Tron Legacy and he defeated CLU what might have happened to him? Did he die or become part of The Grid? Is Kevin Flynn still out there? Will we see him in the new Tron 3 movie?

I think he still is alive and still in that data card Sam Flynn saved at the end of the movie. The ending of Tron Legacy left it open perfectly to make a Tron 3 movie. A reboot would be a waste of time, unless they bring back Flynn and Tron and Cindy Morgan. But make them look younger with the same tech used to make Young Flynn in Tron Legacy.

Still I wish for a Tron 3 and most of the users as well as programss seem to be longing for the same thing. I hope Disney is listening! We demand Tron 3.

Kevin Flynn is still out there. And he's still the best programmer Encom ever ever had!

End of Line

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Tron Movie will be a reboot or Tron 3? Tron movie news 2017

Greetings programs! Well there is news that Disney is working on a new Tron film starring the guy who played The Joker in suicide squad? If this is true then I wonder how fans will react if it is truly a reboot.

I've been hearing rumors the fans really want to see a Tron 3 movie instead of a reboot. I myself would rather get a Tron 3 movie. What will be the future of Tron? Will there be a reboot or will the fans finally get Tron 3 that we have been we're waited years for?

It''s good to know the users are still out there. Long Live Tron! Flynn Lives !
Long Live the Users as well!

And remember it's all in the wrist.

Monday, April 10, 2017

My old Tron memories and Toys

2011 was one of the best years of my life. Tron Legacy was out, I had my Tron Legacy toys and I got to go to ElecTRONica with my Tron Discs! It was probably one of the best, if not the best night of my life!

Well here is some stuff I had left over.. besides my Flynn's Arcade Tokens, which I will post up here later!

Here are some glow cubes, and Tron stuff I had. Shot of my Disc lit with light cycle in the dark. What do you think programs?

Greetings Programs! Let's Demand Tron not be a reboot but Tron 3 instead!

Greetings programs ! So we are trying to get Tron reboot to be Tron 3 instead!
This message has been copies and pasted from the TRON LIVES group on facebook. Join TRON LIVES here! TRON LIVES facebook group

Please, everyone here, Tweet this message to @Disney and @DisneyStudios on Twitter now, try to get this trending, ask your fellow friends that are Tron fans: Please make a sequel to Tron Legacy, make Tron 3, not a reboot #MakeTron3 #BringBackBruceBoxleitner #BringbackTronLegacyCast If you are a Tron fan join up!

Lots of cool posts and great things are shared there! Long live Tron! Cheers to Tron 3! End of Line