Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tron City With Lightning Tron 3 art preview

Tron 3 movie release date 2014. Here is a cool Tron City I made with lightning programs! Just a little preview But I think you will all enjoy this a lot.

Cool Tron Recognizer created in Inkscape and GIMP ! Check that out

Greetings programs I was up late creating art for The Grid tonight. And well here is my latest master piece. A glowing Recognizer with clouds and lightning enjoy!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What would it be like to live at Flynn's Arcade?

I always thought how cool it would be to have a place above an arcade liek Kevin Flynn did. I mean that is just the best thing in the world! But imagine the whole place being decorated like the Grid. It can be done and the art of glowing walls and intricate designs would just be beautiful to even say the least.

Also just going downstairs and having access to all kinds of awesome arcade machines ot play and have fun with. Now that is a dream come true. But I'm my version of Flynn's I would add a nice little extra room. That would be the End of Line bar. That was there would be drinks and games as well as much and glowing light available all at one place.

Right on, Flynn Lives!

End Of Line.

There are no problems only solutions! Kevin Flynn says Tron 3 info 2014

Like a wise man once said. There are no problems only solutions. Kevin Flynn is a great inspiration to all users on the Grid in our times. Even though he was facing a huge entity like the MCP he never quite gave up or thought all was lost.

Today programs as well as users can use Flynn's determination to not lose to be inspired to keep moving forward and always find a beter way to rise to their max potential and be pushed around by the big bad master control program everybodies been talking about.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random pic of Tron Arcade in an arcade... radical man

I ran across this pic of a Tron Machine in an arcade. Anyone have any idea where this is? I really want to play a Tron Arcade machine one day. They are just awesome!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cool Tron Wall that I started The Grid Art Tron Art begginging

This is just a cool Tron Wall Art project I am starting. The Grid style art. I'm planning on decorating my room with designs and painting the with glow paint. But for now here is this cool Tron like Wall i started.. enjoy...programs.
Click on the image to view full size.

Will Flynn Be in Tron 3? Kevin Flynn Tron 3

Greetings programs!

The question many programs are asking is will Kevin Flynn be in Tron 3? Well the answer is yes. Why? Well because he did not really die in Tron Legacy his soul and programming code lives on in the flash drive that he got saved to on Sam Flynn's flash drive. This is hard to understand but since he created the grid he is still maybe in spirit. But I believe he can be reconstructed and live on the Grid once again. I think once he is there he will have to help Quarra and Sam Flynn defeat Dillinger Jr. and the new reprogrammed MCP and save the Grid once and for all. If Dillinger Jr. wins then all freedom and peace will be lost from The Grid as well as the Real World. Dillinger Jr. and the new MCP want to do what CLU was not able to do in Tron Legacy.

I have a strong feeling Kevin Flynn is going to be in the new Tron 3 movie.

Also here is a special message from Master Control.

Message from MCP Tron 3 on Youtube